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I never claimed to be someone who doesn’t procrastinate,

or that doesn’t  let life grab me by the hair and swing me 180 degrees into something new and scary, and probably unknown.

And sometimes when that happens, my pure passions- the very things that bring lightness to my being, that have sustained my sanity when I’m about to rip out my hair and go sell muffins on the street corner- take a backseat to everything else.

Not even a backseat, cause you can still see things if they’re in the backseat. They get placed in the trunk. Under the spare tire.

So-what has happened since I last blogged?

why, let me show you.

well- that fundraising I was doing:

One hot day in August- I held a fundraiser at a local restaurant-Cantina Grill – and was worried about my reaching my final fundraising goal when BOOM! My old teammates  surprised me with a check with the remaining $1,500.00 I had left to fundraise.

the magic check

and yes, I cried. You would’ve thought I had won the lottery. And in a lot of ways, I did.

soon after that, well-2  months after- I completed 26.2 miles in beautiful San Francisco, California on behalf of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. It took me 6 hours- I was rained on for 3…and I pretty much looked like one of those people on the fishing boats from a storm scene out of “Deadliest Catch”

And I got a Tiffany necklace too

The feeling is beyond incredible.

Now, behind all this madness I was quietly involving myself in two things : Yelp.com, and applying to graduate schools.

Well, one particular school.

New York University.

Dream School

Back story:

As you may or may not know- I’m a born and bred New Yorker.

That being said, when my parents divorced and I left the island of Manhattan at about 6 years old, it was always my father’s dream that I would return back to New York  for college. As I grew older, that dream became my own. But fear of rejection, fear of not knowing..basically-cowardice, thwarted my attempts and I pursued my undergraduate degree at University of Florida.

Thanks to divine intervention ( or what some of you may know as “Twitter”), a program at NYU caught my attention and I caught theirs. A friend of mine, who had also applied,introduced us via our twitter handles and before I knew it, I was speaking with NYU, discussing admissions.  I was scared. I was nervous. I may have been quietly jumping and down while on the phone with them.

Without making a big fuss about it online,I applied to NYU in July, and waited.

Now, what does applying to  graduate school and writing free reviews for a website based on the people, for the people, and by the people?

Yelp.com introduced me to people that encouraged not only my creative ( and somewhat crazy) manner of thinking, but pushed me to be uncomfortable and go outside of myself-to trust my instincts. What began as just a way to review yummy food and wax poetic about sweets has, to this day, turned into a community for me that I cherish and hold dear.

Fast Forward : November.

November  was fast. and crazy.


I went to North Carolina for a friend’s wedding on November 12th.

November 13th my sister went into labor and had difficulties.

November 14th I was on a one way flight from North Carolina to NYC,with nothing but a dress, strappy heels, and some leggings in my carry-on.

The rush was worth it to welcome my second nephew into the world :

that little person has a huge part of my heart.

While in the city, the pressure of finding out whether I got into NYU or not was getting to me, and the pulse of the city was syncing with my desire to find something new outside of Miami- where for two years I have been struggling to find  a job that made me ultimately happy.

Then, on November 29- I had two  very important conversations. The first was with someone, from Yelp, who  told me to stay in the city, to push for what I wanted. The second was with a friend of mine, who couldn’t shake the feeling that all of these crazy turns of events had me in the city for a reason. That same evening, on a car ride back to the city from Yonkers- I received this :

I screamed so loud I gave myself a headache that didn't go away till yesterday.

And now?

I am happy.

Planning the big move to NYC in the fall, in disbelief at how everything really does have a plan,

hungrier for life, crazier than ever.

Lesson Learned in 2010: pay no mind to when other people doubt you, leave you, or mislead you- the only person that needs to believe in you, is well..YOU.

Hold on tight!


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There is a  question that bothers the  cuckoo bananas out of me :

“What kind of writer are you?”


“Like, you know..what do you write?”

just for reading, everyone gets cupcakes. don't lick the screen.



At this point , the person who has asked me this loaded query has  regretfully pulled out his/her phone to pretend to text anyone- maybe even the MovieFone guy-and avoids eye contact with me till I say something like, “Oh but you know,  I write like…”Harry Potter” meets “Sex and the City” kinda stuff, except Harry is Carrie and his broom is made by Christian Dior and..and..wait, where are you going?”

Silly answer for a silly question to an unemployed writer.

How can  I answer such a question  when it can have so many answers?”Fiction, with a little bit of my real life experiences mixed in with imagination, passion–that’s the kind of writer I am.”

So, with this blog- I decided it would be interesting to take it in a couple of different directions.  You won’t log on here to find daily musings  about how my love life is in the pits, or how my mom is annoyed that I once again used her clean socks instead of mine, cause I didn’t want to sift through the laundry basket to find  a matching pair of my own.

Okay, maybe sometimes on the latter. Storytime is fun.

This blog is for free-thinking and observation. Be it about my adventures in conquering my first full marathon,job-hunting in a flat economy-food, books, music, and overall social life ( on and offline).

Of course, there will be the sway into  other topics as I see fit and entertaining- Miami life, politics, social commentary.

At most, it provides a venue for me to write, and get back into the practice of doing it more often.

Stay tuned.

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