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La Yelp Boheme

Dearest computer,

we gather here to write our reviews’

Here Yelp lies,

we all know her worth

Finds  great stuff from all over Earth.

Good food,  and everyone’s two cents worth.

In any town, even Bethlehem,

we raise our glass,

you bet your ass to,

La Yeeelp, Boheme.

La Yelp Boheme!

La Yelp Boheme!

La Yelp Boheme!


To days  of pure starvation,wanting cookies,  just put  something in our stomach,

and we need to express, to communicate,

we really want to eat,

a good treat! not something bad.

Using the app, or computer,

we’re finding great food sooner.

we’re writing about it, no doubt about it,

hey-did you just check-in and get a badge?

To writing about some fruit you sampled  for free,

or dumplings, that make you, shoutout with glee

Because you’re funny, you’re useful, and you’re cool,

and you love ROTD!

To writing it all  for fun,

and getting Elited!


La Yelp Boheme!


(update with Yislin additions )

to hand crafted beers made in local breweries! To popchips to sweetness, to rice and beans and cheese.

from leather, and tapas and curry vindaloo-to huevos rancheros and Maria Argüello!


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